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This business journal is considered to be a new opportunity, for businesses that plan to launch their plans and activities, to reach the target audience and deliver their message in the most effective and precise ways.


What are the five reasons to invest in agriculture of Georgia

Generally speaking, agriculture has both significant economic and social functions in Georgia and abroad. The agricultural sector of Georgia employs more than half of the country's workforce and hence, for most of the families, the income from agriculture of Georgia is the only source of their livelihood. According to the latest business news, the interest in the private agricultural sector, as well as in the volume of investment is not high. However, there are various examples of successful perspectives on how to owe local and foreign investment in agriculture. Below, you can see some of the main reasons for a healthy and prosperous environmental investment in the agriculture of Georgia. Georgia’s location and natural conditions It is widely known that Georgian agriculture has favourable and convenient natural resources and conditions for agricultural production. In Georgia, there are around 22 different climates, either cold and dry, as well as humid and warm. Almost half of Georgia's total area (territory) may be used as agricultural land for enhancing the country's economy from that sector. Moreover, there are naturally convenient conditions and geographical locations for vegetable, grain, fruit and sub-tropical crops and their production. Almost the entire area of the country can be directly thought of as fertile land where a variety of crops can be harvested without any obstruction. At the same time, it is noteworthy to say that the country is highly rich in irrigation systems and water resources that exist in almost every region. But even today, there are some regions in Georgia, that still do not have enough water resources to produce products. Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA) with the EU It

Economic and Business situation in Georgia

The recent economic situation in Georgia Georgia is a middle-income country with a per capita GDP of 4046.8 $ (According to Geostat, 2017). Despite ongoing reforms and rapid economic growth, Georgia still faces financial challenges, including the need to tackle poverty and unemployment. It is noteworthy to say that the first years of an independent market-based economic system for Georgia were incredibly difficult. That is mainly because of the civil strife, hostilities in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, energy and transport blockades, extremely tense criminogenic environments, and the loss of old, traditional ties and suppliers. Additionally, high rates of labour migration are a small list of the negative factors that led to the unprecedented economic downturn, hyperinflation, and catastrophic rise in unemployment in the first years of independence. Besides, the country is facing the need for radical and rapid economic reforms, the gradual implementation of which has significantly improved the situation but has not yielded the desired results, especially in terms of reducing unemployment and poverty. Despite the relatively high rate of economic growth in previous years, the situation of a large part of the population has not changed according to the latest business news. Accordingly, the goal of the Government of Georgia is creating a long-term foundation for inclusive economic growth and improving the well-being of the population. Government of Georgia announces strategies for the country's economic growth Georgia's socio-economic development strategies are described in the document "Georgia 2020". According to these strategies, the Government of Georgia is based on three main principles, which are the following: The

A new touch-free aeroplane bathroom is coming on

Recently, in business news platforms it was announced that air travelling undergoes a new touch-free transformation — the aeroplane bathroom — that has received little attention of late. Some companies started to produce so-called "touchless tech" and aim to transform old-fashioned bathrooms into fully hands-free zones. Aeroplane bathroom features that will be touchless In contrast to automated, old-fashioned bathrooms in many airports, aeroplane bathrooms generally have at least seven touchpoints for each visit. From the bathroom door to the sink to the toilet itself, of course, bodily contact is unavoidable, so people need to operate most hardware by touching them. While some of the major carriers have stepped up bathroom cleaning routines, one of the airlines, like — Delta Air Lines recently started to sanitize lavatories and all other wet points with the help of electrostatic sprayers after per flight. For instance, aviation companies have created sensor-based, infrared technology to decrease germ transmission among air travellers and passengers. Aircraft engineering company, namely Haeco Americas, has developed a foot-powered toilet flush before the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, the company has added a combination hand sanitizer, liquid soap dispenser and an automated wastebasket lid to its product lineup. The company, which is based in Greensboro, North Carolina, recently stared to develop a new touch-free technique to open the bathroom door too. The new “Lavatory Touchless Suite” is now being developed a subsidiary of Raytheon Technologies Corp., by Collins Aerospace, that produces commercial aviation products and has developed an automatic toilet seat that lowers and raises. The variety of products includes a touchless toilet flush and faucet in addition to a hands-free waste flap and soap dispenser. “Toilet

Samsung launches a new folding phone

Business news - Samsung has recently announced that its new folding phone (model: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2) launches on September 18, 2020, for $1,999. The unique folding model will be soon sold by all of the major U.S. carriers, such as AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. The Galaxy Z Fold 2 is Samsung's 3rd folding phone, which follows the original Samsung Galaxy Fold that had some durability problems and the Galaxy Z Flip. Besides this news, Samsung will also launch around the same time as Surface Duo by Microsoft, which is another folding phone model that probably will hit the market on September 10, 2020. More details about the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 model At one glance, the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 model looks a bit like a regular, standard phone from its outside, exterior along with a new 6.2-inch screen on the front side of the phone. That replaces a far smaller one on the other older version. The new Samsung opens up into a tablet along with a 7.6-inch screen, which is much larger than the last year's 7.3-inch inner display phone. Samsung uses a redesigned hinge on its new model - the Galaxy Z Fold 2. That should help this model to avoid some of the common problems that allow debris to get under the phone's screen that later causes it to malfunction. The hinge design of the phone is mostly based on the Galaxy Z Flip, which is a more traditional clamshell-style device that hasn't experienced any issues. Samsung also mentioned that the display of its new model is a bit stronger than the original, though it is still not as strong as the glass that is used on standard mobile phones. So, users should be far more careful about applying too much pressure to its screen. Besides,

What are the five primary ways to secure business from any cyber attack

For instance, according to a UK government survey, more than 4 in 10 businesses experienced a cyberattack in 12 months. So to prevent it, you are given five helpful ways that your company can secure a safe system in this digital age. Try to train your employees in cybersecurity New employees must be aware of any corporate security policies as part of the induction process. Simultaneously, refresher training must be given to existing members to raise their awareness about cybersecurity issues. Particularly employers who are often phishing scams, by downloading malicious attachments or opening spams in emails, can put a virus on to a computer device. Though this way, attackers catch in the company from which they can quickly move in search of any valuable information or business news. Many companies started to send out fake phishing and spam emails to make their employees better aware of any potential risk to the business. Malware and other viruses can also be transmitted to a corporate system via removable media like a direct connection through a USB port or a memory stick. Try to install a virtual private network In this digital age, employees daily use their laptops and smartphones to access their work servers from anywhere and anytime via a virtual private network (shortly VPN) that makes a system much more secure and easy-to-use. VPNs protect computer data by creating an encrypted and safe connection, whenever employees are online, right over a less secure network, like the internet, which is mostly useful for those employees who often use public Wi-Fi in shops and airports or cafes. Another benefit is that VPNs can offer to use services and view websites restricted in particular regions, another annoyance for the employees who travel frequently. Try to manage user privileges Businesses

Georgian Street Journal | Tbilisi, Georgia, south Caucasus, Politics, Business, sports

Various types of Business Journals are based in Georgia. Some of these journals include Interpressnews (often searches as interpressnews, interpressnews ge, ipn ge), Business Georgia Magazine, etc. Besides TV and social media news, people can get information about the latest news that happens either in Georgia or outside of it.

Business news - Interpressnews

Interpressnews is a Georgian based news agency, which offers its readers unbiased and comprehensive information on developments and improvements in Georgia and abroad. The main principles of this press news agency are efficiency, accuracy, and delivery of objective, balanced and exclusive information. In addition to the news, the interpressnews agency prepares full announcements of the upcoming day, analytical materials, interviews, daily press digests, polls and social surveys. Besides, the news agency has a unique photo archive, which is filled with the best photographers and photos.

IPN (interpressnews) is highly Aviabiletebi recognized as the most influential news agency in Georgia. The integrated and practical work of the agency is ensured by the integrated newsroom in Georgia, which was created by Palitra Media for the first time. Large commercial companies are permanent subscribers of IPN, governmental structures, non-governmental, educational and international organizations as well. Moreover, interpressnews is thought to be the foremost reliable source of information not only for its loyal users but also for several media outlets. Today the audience of this news agency can boldly call it the main website and source of news internet media in Georgia.

Hence, interpressnews is considered to be an undisputed leader in the Georgian media space. The news agency was first established on December 19, 1999, and has been a part of Palitra Media since 2005. During this time, the news agency has gained a great deal of trust from readers and viewers. Even according to Google Analytics, it is obvious to see how well the agency works, since its news agency site has between 45 and 70 thousand visitors every day.

Interpressnews offers information from multiple sources and fields, such as politics, economics, military matters, culture, society, justice, conflicts, sport, regions, announcements and different articles about the world.

Business news - Business Georgia Magazine

Business Georgia is the first analytical and bilingual business publication that is based in Georgia. This business journal is thought up to be the reference handbook for the representatives of both Georgian and foreign business sectors. The business journal/magazine has a precisely structured content, according to which it publication meets the requirements and interests of all its readers. The journal represents and shows them modern ways of doing business, involving readers into entrepreneurship and showing them the best potentials vindousis gadayeneba and opportunities for business education.

This business journal is considered to be a new opportunity, for businesses that plan to launch their plans and activities, to reach the target audience and deliver their message in the most effective and precise ways. As it says, this news agency is distinguished from the other existing business journals and publications that publish news in Georgia. The aim of the journal to make a realistic picture of the Georgian business sector, to indicate attainable markets, discuss Georgia's achievements in the field and to convey the updated and real information.

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